Super Secure Investing with Bank Guarantee:

The Kingpayments investment platform is run by four independent entrepreneurs who are not, and will not be, supported by any government entity. The founders of Kingpayments, have been operating in the world of trade and contracting for about 15 years and have achieved great success in the field of international trade during the past six years.

A total of 18 trading, contracting, and transportation companies have successfully completed many projects around the world and currently (9-11-2019) have 46 active projects worldwide.

With the advent of digital currencies, the co-founders of Kingpayments began investing in this market many years ago, and for the past three years they have updated their businesses with all the latest technologies. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, serving as a brand-new opportunity to raise funds, have launched Kingpayment’s innovative platform.

Since the beginning of 2020, the agency has been trying to contact clients who plan to invest over $15,000, but because of similar fraudulent websites, they were hesitant.

Therefore, Kingpayments decided to launch a system for online authentication and a financial capability assessment. They then negotiated with the big banks to set up an online system that issues bank guarantee for super-secure investing.

Clients will enter into the guarantee by uploading the required documents in order to demonstrate their financial ability to invest in active projects after Kingpayment's financial experts have reviewed and approved all relevant documents.

It should be noted that after uploading the documents and registering, our experts will usually contact you within seven business days to inform you of the process. 

If you plan to invest more than $ 15,000 and use a Bank-Guarantee facility, please fill out the form below and upload the required documentation.

Upload Documents

Bank account

The cash in your own bank account must be held in cash and you must show that you have held the money in your account for at least 28 consecutive days prior to the date of application. Shares, bonds, overdrafts, credit cards, pension funds, and similar savings accounts will not be accepted. Funds must not be held in a bank or a financial institution to which the Home Office is unable to make the satisfactory verification checks.

Provide one of the following documents:

Original personal bank statement

This document must cover a consecutive 28-day period. The end of that 28-day period and the closing balance must be no more than 31 days before the date of your application.

This statement must show:

Your name

Account number

Date of statement

Name and logo of bank/building society

That your balance has not fallen below the required amount for the full 28-day period

That the required funds must be in your account up until the closing balance of the statement

Electronic bank statements

These must contain all of the details highlighted above, and every page must be certified by the official stamp of the bank to prove its authenticity. Please note that some banks will not stamp their statements. An alternative would be to ask your bank for a supporting letter printed on their company-headed paper to the authenticity of the electronic bank statements.

Original joint account statements

Joint account statements can be used as long as you are named as one of the primary account holders and that they include all of the information highlighted above. The only exception to this would be if you are using a joint account in both your parents’ names (see below). In this case, your name would not need to appear.

Letter from your bank

If you don’t have a bank statement, you can also provide a letter from your bank that includes the same information found on a personal bank statement.

Funds in a parent or legal guardian's account

You can use the funds in a bank account held by one or both of your parents instead of your own money. If you're relying on money held by one or both of your parents or legal guardian, you must also provide evidence of your relationship to that parent/s or legal guardian/s and that they have given their permission for you to use their funds for your studies.

You must provide a letter from your parents or legal guardian which confirms:

The familial relationship between you and them

That the holder/s of the bank account used belongs to your parents or legal guardians.

You can do this by providing one of the following:

Your original birth certificate, showing the names of your parents

Your original certificate of adoption, showing your name

Original legal documents stating the name of your legal guardian

A bank statement from your parents or legal guardian which outlines all of the same information as a personal bank statement.

Funds in a joint account with your relative or friend

You cannot use bank statements belonging to friends or family members who are not your paternal parents. If you're being financially sponsored by another relative or a friend, you must show a joint bank account statement held in your name and their name. This statement must contain all the same information as listed above.

Closing balance in USD

If you are submitting any bank statements where the currency is not in USD, you must write the closing balance in USD on the original statement using OANDA, UKVI's official exchange rate website.

How long the money must be held

If you are using your personal bank account or that belonging to your parents or legal guardians, your money must be held in cash and you must show that you have held the money in your, your parents', or your legal guardians' bank account for at least 28 consecutive days prior to the date of your application.

*Property, shares, bonds, pension funds, life insurance, or similar savings accounts will not be accepted.

During this 28-day period, and up to and including the closing balance on the date the bank statement is generated, the balance must not have dropped below the required amount. If it has dropped below the required amount even for just one day, you will not meet the financial requirements and your student visa will be rejected.


scanned copy of your Identification Document (passport or driver's license)